Guidance Counselors

Guidance Counselors assist and support students from their initial enrollment through graduation.  Counselors assist students and prospective students with course selection, educational planning, and any concerns they may have such as veteran’s assistance, adult students with disabilities (ASD/504), Homeless support and more. Counselors work with students in a confidential manner to explore career aspirations, interests, and any special concerns. Students are encouraged to request support from their counselors for any need or challenge they may encounter.

Counselor’s Contact Information

Margarita Descartes
(305) 324-6070 Ext. 7089

Freud Francois
(305) 324-6070 Ext. 7129

Brenda Hach
(305) 324-6070 Ext. 7033

Jacques Lucien
(305) 324-6070 Ext. 7039

Louise M. Mack
(305) 324-6070 Ext. 7121