Commercial Art

PURPOSE: The Commercial Art Technology Program is designed to prepare students for employment as commercial artists and related workers.

PROGRAM CONTENT: Students in the Commercial Art Program receive instruction in the production of advertising copy from concept to finished product. Students are trained in industry safety, marketing, advertising, computer illustration, scanning, image manipulation, desktop publishing, design, typography, employability skills, portfolio preparation and more. The classroom is set up to emulate the actual art department of an advertising agency.  Creativity, artistic aptitude, patience, and neatness are important prerequisites for success.

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: The entire program is 1500 hours, but students can earn a certificate at the completion of the following OCP’s:


  • OCP A  Desktop Publishing Assistant  450
  • OCP B  Design Technician  450
  • OCP C  Illustrator  300
  • OCP D  Print Media Artist  300

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Advertising agencies, print shops, architects, sign shops, publishers and screen printers, as well as, many major companies who maintain their own in-house advertising departments.Minimum basic skills grade levels required for awarding a full program completion certificate are 9th grade in math, reading, and language on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).

SALARY: Median entry-level hourly salaries range from $12 to $14. Experienced art directors may earn from $28 to $55 per hour.

Employment in the advertising and commercial art industry is projected to grow 32 percent. Demand for commercial artists should remain strong as producers of information goods and services put increasing emphasis on visual appeal in product design, advertising, marketing, and television. Growth in the entertainment industry will also provide many new job opportunities.

NOTE: Different kinds of financial aid are available to eligible students and eligible programs. Applications and information regarding financial aid resources may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

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