Registration Requirements

  1. Must be 18 years old or older…
    (If 16 or 17 years old, you need to present to us your “Age Waiver Letter” obtained by passing the “Age Waiver Test for the GED”, a fee of $70.00 will be reqiured for test waiver. (cash, credit card, or money order) See guidance counselor, building C Room 109, or call (305) 324-6070.
  2. Must have legal photo identification . . . .
    Official Florida ID, driver’s license or other government issued photo ID which includes picture, height, and date of birth

Proof of a social security number is no longer a requirement for GED testing. However, if you want to use your social security number for your identification number on your GED records–diploma, transcript–then you must have your original social security card, not a photocopy, or proof of a social security number, such as:

  • W-4/W-2 form
  • Selective service card
  • Computerized printout from Social Security Office

Valid federal government document

  • Students must be at least sixteen years of age and not enrolled in the K- 12 program in order to register for an adult education program.
  • Students entering the Adult Basic Education (ABE) or General Education Development (GED) programs are required to take the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) for level placement. Students entering English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs are required to take the language placement test (CASAS). Students entering vocational programs of 450 clock hours or more in length are required to take the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) upon entry into their program of study. Students scoring below the minimum exit requirement for their vocational program may be admitted on an “ability to benefit” basis. Students that completed a Florida Public High School from 2007 to present will be EXEMPT from TABE testing. Students who passes the General Education Diploma test (GED) and register into a Vocational Program within 2 years will be EXEMPT from TABE testing. These students will be required to enroll in academic training designed to increase basic skill levels, while continuing in their vocational studies. Upon achieving the minimum basic skill requirements, students will exit the academic program and concentrate on completing their vocational training.

Registration Procedures

  • Students wishing to register in Adult Education Program, must be 16 years of age or older and withdrawn from K-12 school. All students must complete a Data Input Registration Form #3999

  • Proof of residency is no longer required for Adult General Education students (ESOL, ABE, AAAE, and GED), but students must present some form of picture identification (ID) in order to be registered. A student must pay a flat rate of $30.00 tuition, $5.00 test fee and a $5.00 ID per trimester.
  • The tuition rates and proof of residency requirements for students registering for Career/Technical Education (CTE) programs remain as indicated below:
  • Students registering for CTE programs will still be required to prove Florida Residency to qualify for instate tuition.
  • The established registration procedures for verifying Florida Residency for post-secondary CTE students will remain in effect. School site personnel will use the following guidelines:
  • Florida Residency Affidavit FM-6909E – students are required to sign the affidavit affirming residency for in-state tuition

  • This process should also be followed for AGE students that can provide proof of Florida Residency for tuition purposes at the time of registration, should they decide to enroll in CTE programs in the future.
  • Florida Residency Reclassification Affidavit – for any current student that will like to enter an CTE Program

  • Intake staff should strictly adhere to the following guidelines when registering a student/applicant that is attempting to prove 12 consecutive months of Florida Residency:

UNACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS: Birth certificates, Library Cards, Bank Statements, Shopping/Rental Club Cards, Hunting/Fishing Licenses, Concealed Weapon/Gun Permit.

Acceptable documentations are categorized as group A and group B

Group A Group B
Florida I.D. or Florida Driver’s LicenseUtility Bill
Vehicle RegistrationLease Agreement
Proof of Homestead ExemptionCertificate of Domicile
Proof of Permanent HomeEnrollment in an Educational Institution
High School TranscriptProfessional or Occupational License
Voter’s Registration CardFlorida Incorporation
EmploymentMembership in Florida-based Organization
Certified Letter from Agency

(Document cannot be less than 1 year old)

Note: One of the two pieces of documentation must be from group A.