Educational Excellence School Advisory Council – EESAC

The purpose of the Lindsey Hopkins Technical College School Educational Excellence School Advisory Council is to work to ensure improved student achievement. One of the ways the Council does is by preparing and evaluating the School Improvement Plan as required by 1008.345, F.S. Comprehensive Revision of Florida’s System of School Improvement and Education Accountability. 6Gx13- 1B-1.031. Download Lindsey Hopkins Technical College EESAC Members Sign-In Sheet.

Name of Council Members – Staff

Business Community Partners
Ms. Chantal Osborne, Principal
Mr. Jean Garry Florestal, Vice-Principal (Alternate)
Mr. Ernie Martinez, Advocate, Center for Independent Living of South Florida –  Business/Community Representative
Mr. Larry Georgeson, Alternate
Ms. Pauline Clarke-Trotman, Director, Permanent Housing Programs, Better Way of Miami, Inc. – Business/Community Representative
Mr. Mike Festinger, Alternate
Honorable Judge Jeri B. Cohen, 11th Judicial Circuit of Fla. – Business/Community Representative
Ms. Vandilla McClendon, Alternate
Deborah Dorsett, Executive Director, Greater Miami Service Corps – Business/Community Representative
Mr. Vincent McRae, Alternate
Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson, Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District 3 – Business/Community Representative
Ms. Misty Brown, Alternate
Lt. Rose Green, Miami Dade-County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department – Business /Community Representative
Mr. William D. Hunter, Project Leasing Manager, University of Miami Life Science & Technology Park – Business/Community Representative
Ms. Michelle Fischer, Education Manager, Miami Lighthouse for the Blind – Business/Community Representative
Mr. Steve Webb, Vice President of Marketing, South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union – Business/Community Representative
Mr. Edwin L. O’Dell,  Corporate Director, Communications & Partnerships, Jackson Health System –  Business/Community Representative
Mr. Ed Prelaz, Senior Real Estate Manager, Cushman Wakefield – Business/Community Representative
Mr. Antonio Villasuso, Director of the Miami Centers, Miami Rescue Mission – Business/Community Representative.
Mr. Ken Palonsky, Alternate
Sheria Blackmon, UTD Steward
Nice Delima, Alternate Teacher Representative
Mariette Francois, Teacher Representative
Sergio Marti, Teacher Representative
Margarita Descartes, Teacher Representative
John Karayan, Teacher Representative
Jose DePablo, Teacher Representative- EESAC CHAIR
Chris Mack, Teacher/ESE Representative
Christina Brownlow, Teacher Representative
Nura Gonzalez, Teacher Representative
Martine Paul, Educational Support Representative
Audrey Brown, Alternate Educational Support Representative

Students Representative

Christopher Alcius
Ryan Moseley
Jose Castro


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