Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating I / II

PURPOSE: This course was developed as part of a core and is designed to develop competencies in heating and air-conditioning system operations, start-up and check-out procedures and in the use, modification and installation of refrigeration piping.

PROGRAM CONTENT: The program provides classroom and shop experiences which enable students to become proficient in the installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial and domestic air conditioning and refrigeration and heating systems. The laboratory contains a variety of commercial equipment, including walk-in coolers, refrigerated display cases, and large central air conditioning units. Content also includes record-keeping, basic supervisory skills, use and care of hand tools, power tools, specialized tools and equipment, and use of current industry standards, practices, and techniques.

The program includes:

  • Theory of heat
  • Electric motors
  • Safety, tools, and equipment
  • Central air conditioning
  • Ice machines
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Domestic appliances
  • Chilled water A/C
  • Basic automatic controls

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: The entire program requires 1350 hours to complete. over the course of the program, students will earn an
Occupational Completion Point (OCP) certificate upon completing each of the following levels:


  • OCP A         A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Helper                              250
  • OCP B         A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic Assistant        250
  • OCP C         A/C, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 1                      250
  • OCP D         A/C Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 2                       250
  • OCP E         A/C Refrigeration and Heating Technician                        350

Minimum basic-skills grade levels required for awarding a full program completion certificate are 10th grade in math, reading, and language on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Individuals could work as Air-conditioning and heating mechanics, Mechanic helpers, Air conditioning and heating installer services, Warehouse & Parts Supplier, Marine Air Conditioning Technician, wholesale and rental sales associates.

SALARY: In the field of air conditioning, refrigeration and heating employment opportunities are quite broad. Median entry-level hourly salaries range from $15.50 to $18.75 per hour. Experienced technicians can earn $40,000 to $60,000 a year.

This field continues to grow throughout the State of Florida. As more homes are built and businesses are opened, there will be a greater need for qualified technicians, installers, etc. Employment opportunities can be enhanced by obtaining industry certification and continued training.

NOTE: Different kinds of financial aid are available to eligible students and eligible programs. Applications and information regarding financial aid resources may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

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